The Future Workplace Data

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Statistics Section gives a glimpse into the ICT market including data from the education sector for high school and university graduates, and businesses, in the ICT sector in Kosovo.

Company Data

Company Data Section delves into the ICT business sector and provides crucial data about the activities that the businesses are engaged by the municipalities, annual earnings, amongst others.

Graduates Data

Graduates Data Section provides data about the graduates in the ICT field from high school to the university level. This section includes the number of ICT graduates, skills the graduates possess, amongst others.

Skills Mismatch

Skills Mismatch Section represents the gap between the skills of ICT graduates, and the demand of ICT skills from the ICT businesses, in Kosovo. Thus, showing skills mismatch gap.


Blog Section represents Open Data Kosovo’s latest work on open data and ICT intertwined in stories and latest news. This section informs the user of the overall work of Open Data Kosovo.


Downloads Section provides the user with the opportunity to download all the datasets which are portrayed in The Future Workplace platform. Thus, enabling an open data approach to the platform.